Annual CMS Monitoring Agreement (Outdoor)

Annual CMS Monitoring Agreement (Outdoor)


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Annual CMS Monitoring Agreement (Outdoor)

- 24/7 Monitoring. The Central Monitoring Station (CMS) will monitor your system at any time with trained operators to handle all events according to the specific needs of each customer and based on a response protocol agreed with each customer. The operators can filter the false alarms and for the true alarms can call the customer/police/private patrol/fire brigade/ambulance.
- 24/7 Call Center. The CMS can receive phone calls from customers at any time and respond to their needs. The Videofied hot line support number is 7777 4 777.
- Technical events are automatically sent directly to the installers by SMS and email for review and respond accordingly (e.g. Supervision Failed Event, Low Battery Message, Periodic Test Failed).
- SMS/emails can be automatically sent to the customers based on their needs for specific events (e.g. arming/disarming the system to check when employees enter and leave the shop).
- Periodic Test is done normally once a day to ensure correct communication of the alarm panel with the station.
- Daylight Saving Auto Time Correction. The CMS server corrects the time of the panel at every periodic test to ensure the panel's time is correct at any period of the year and the scheduled events are performed correctly.
- Automated Reporting. Normally weekly reports are automatically sent to all customers and installers to check and review the events occurred during the reported period.
- Cost of the above service is EUR216+VAT/year (EUR18+VAT/month) for systems with indoor cameras and EUR300+VAT/year (EUR25+VAT/month) for systems with outdoor cameras.



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