Siemens Cordless Phone SL740

Siemens Cordless Phone SL740


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Siemens Cordless Phone SL740

Contents: Siemens Cordless Phone SL740

When you are always on the go and you wake up in a different city every morning, it helps to stay connected to your home for some comfort. Until now, talking on the phone was your only option in order to stay in touch with your loved ones. Now fixed-line MMS services have revolutionized the way you can share emotions even from far away. An integrated high-quality camera allows you to take pictures with your Gigaset SL740 and let others share your moment. Depending on your operator, you can send SMS and MMS messages to mobile phones and other fixed-line numbers. It is even possible to send emails from this multitasked phone. The illuminated display with more than four thousand colors and polyphonic ringtones round up this unique multimedia powerhouse. Of course, this stylish home phone also features handsfree talking and Picture CLIP functionality, which shows you a mug shot image of the person who is calling.

- An integrated high resolution (352 x 288 pixels) digital camera lets you hold on to special moments forever. To take a picture - all you have to do is press one key.
- Depending on your operator you can now send pictures - texts and even sounds via your fixed-line phone. This world premiere could change the way you communicate from home.
- Put a face to a name. Now you can assign mug shot images to all entries in your phone book. These pictures pop up automatically to show you who is calling.
- The illuminated screen can display over 4.000 colors on a size of 128 x 128 pixels. Numbers that will surely add color to your home telephony.
- Caller display
- Digital speakerphone
- Keypad lock
- Missed calls list
- Intercom
- Call transfer
- Call conferencing
- And a host of other features



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